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Birthday 21

by Yotam Perel

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My yearly Birthday song.
The chords are written down with the lyrics.


D / xx4656 / B#m / G
Oh boy it seems I'm 21
It's been another year
I guess I should confess
About my existential fears

And yes it may depress
But don't digress just take a knee
If you're a lady take my lap
must be over 18

I've figured what I love to do - that's great
Yet still I sometimes hesitate
If tortured artists is my fate
I need to stop and calculate

The time I spend here in this room
Whether it points to social doom
Assess the data then resume

B#m X2 / E7 / A7
And I'm still
Not sure what to do
With these hands
When I'm out

D / xx4656 / B#m / G
And the ladies? Oh they love me
They wont take a minute's break
JK my love life's reminiscent
Of sad turtle's in the shade

But then again I don't try
Trusting it'll drop by,
If not well oh my,
I guess it's more bro time

My life - always constant
Producing more content
Ten years in the making
and proud of product

Productive but snoozing
The muse is elusive
enough with excuses
sit down and induce it
but do not abuse it

B#m X2 / E7 / A7
And I'm still
Not sure what to do
With these hands
When I'm out

I'm not excited bout drinking
Cause you can drink beer
when you're 18 here
doesn't matter


released June 13, 2012
Roy Kasachob - DRUMS!




Perel Israel

I like composing music and covering songs.

I don't have any musical training, just some guitars and a heart full of soul.

If ya wanna use any of my music in your thangs - feel free! just credit me or something i dont know
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