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Birthday 23

by Yotam Perel, Birthday

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23rd MOFO!!!

Also, this song may be priced at a point, if it is but you still want it for free, it'll be available for free in a few weeks. I have a limited amount of download-credits. THANKZ

G B#m Em E
Am Amaj7 Am7 D7
x3434x G
x3434x G Am Bm C


Here we go again
Now I'm 23
It's almost as if every year
I grow another year
And maybe you will
Hear me out when

I tell you I'm sick of these
Birthday vids
Forcing me to summarize
Get my feelings organized
I despise this process
Of retrospective nonsense

But I'm 8 years deep
With this tradition it's too late to
Skip a year
Maybe ill round it up
To 10 and
Take a break

Enjoying these in hindsight
Just might
Be the only reason that I still try to write
And maybe I'm not wrong
When I think

That I don't have much to discuss
Yet I must
I feel that if I don't some will get
really pissed off at me
It's not supposed to be
Like this

But I'm 8 years deep
Most of my conscious life has been just this
And I miss the increase of love that has since Passed
I wasted time and time is money so did some Freelance


released June 13, 2014




Perel Israel

I like composing music and covering songs.

I don't have any musical training, just some guitars and a heart full of soul.

If ya wanna use any of my music in your thangs - feel free! just credit me or something i dont know
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